Monday 28 June 2010

Video goodness!

Some great news for all our users! We will shortly be releasing an update to the platform which automatically convert any uploaded videos directly into a more compatible web format called FLV. This format is smaller, whilst retaining quality and is ideal for embedding and re-using in your work.

Users will have the option to enable or disable the feature of automatic conversion. Schools will be notified when the feature has been enabled.

Happy video-blogging!

Sunday 27 June 2010

Index your world

My Learning will shortly be adding support to automatically index and read the text within uploaded PDF files so that you can search your learning platform for text contained within PDF files! Rather neat.

We already have the same facility for Microsoft Word 97 and 2003 - and soon we will upgrade the facility for Word 2007 too!

Saturday 26 June 2010

File clipboard

By popular demand, and outright common sense - users of our platform can now browse the entire tree of content - such as the entire range of 2,700 activities from Sherston Software, and copy the activities directly to their personal online folders or class groups to be re-used elsewhere!

This also means that you can engineer your own courses, bristling with activities and tests within a few minutes!

Monday 21 June 2010

Version 13 documentation release

We have now released the first part of the manual, guides and documentation for the latest edition of the My Learning suite (release 13: Anteos).

Users will now find this on their "Help" menu, under "Online manuals". Currently, there are 134 pages of tutorial goodness!

Very soon we will be indexing the entire manual and it will become fully searchable from your "Shared files" area for all schools. As you can appreciate, our technical team have been working overtime (in payment of free Pizza) for their efforts!

Anteos Release notes

They also keep telling us that video tutorials are coming for the summer holidays - which will be nice.