Wednesday 19 November 2014

Desktop drag and drop support

Since 2010, My Learning have ensured that our products are entirely multi-browser compatible - so that you aren't forced to use a specific web browser (unlike other providers). This is one of the reasons which allow many devices to operate seamlessly with our services. We were one of the first providers to release a multi-browser file manager which worked on any browser.

We are therefore very pleased to announce that with the release of our new Version 28 "Sabre Wing" edition, that the My Learning File Manager now supports multi-file drag and drop upload from your desktop!

So now you can click any file from your PC or laptop and simply drag it to the blue upload panel and it will be instantly added to the platform. Best of all, you can do this for multiple selected files. Look out for the new upload panel and just drag a file to instantly upload.

Thanks to our latest release, and our continued support for HTML5 and backwards compatibility for HTML4, we will always ensure that no matter which device, browser or language you are using - your learning options will remain consistent.

UK customers have this feature right now, international customers will see this by 6am GMT (20th Nov).

Tuesday 18 November 2014

My Learning releases industry standard API

My Learning are pleased to announce the immediate availability of their industry standard oAuth2 based Application Programming Interface (API).

This new service allows 3rd party providers, suppliers and clients to integrate their own systems directly with My Learning. The API tool provides access to a wide range of information in realtime, directly from the VLE/LMS.

This component is available freely to the community and all existing customers of My Learning.

If you wish to apply for your developer API key, simply email and your account will be provisioned immediately. Once you have received your API key, you are given full access to our automated documentation for the REST interface.

Monday 17 November 2014

My Learning innovative new release: v28 - "Sabre Wing"

The latest release of the My Learning Suite focuses on improving speed and visuals, integrating with a wider choice of data and content and includes some great new tools and functions.

For our full release notes click here: Release Notes V28 Sabre Wing

Improved visuals
My Learning have enhanced the visual appearances inside the product with modernised themes, improved CSS and a new set of fonts, particularly to assist users on a wide range of touch devices.

This new edition of My Learning has a slightly larger playback bar at the top of your screen when you access content. Our tools have been enhanced to provide larger, clearer buttons which represent actions which apply to content. These are features such as "Download", "QR Code" and "Print".

We have enhanced the “Mini-layout” theme for Infant users with larger icons and subtle clearer colouring.

The login screen within My Learning can now be customised centrally with your own selected wallpaper background, and editable text and background colours.

We have added an informatics panel to the footer of all Secondary themes which provides a centralised area to quickly navigate common areas and change settings.

Copy a folder
A new ability exists in the File Manager to copy a folder into the clipboard and paste it elsewhere on the system. This will allow rapid linking of materials into different classes or learning spaces. When you copy a folder, the system creates a shortcut to the original contents, meaning that if the original information changes – all other users who are allowed to access it will see the updated contents.

SCORM Player
We have a faster, larger and more compatible SCORM playback engine. This new engine will automatically maximise the display size of material, is much easier to navigate and use and is now compatible with tablet devices.

Import a learning route from the Clipboard
My Learning has now created the ability to import a SCORM pack (zip file) from your clipboard directly into a Course. Presently, users can easily upload the SCORM zip file directly into a Learning Route, but this additional method of “Pasting from your clipboard” means that you could store these zip files anywhere on the system and copy and paste them directly into your Course Learning Route. 

FTP Drives
My Learning now has the ability to establish unlimited connections to FTP locations as virtual folders within system. Schools can share vast quantities of information directly within their VLE by simply creating a folder which points to an FTP location.

Pearson Equella
Equella is a content management system which is designed to store and re-purpose collections of digital information for use in other systems. My Learning is now able to attach to the digital resources in Equella; allowing users to upload, download, share and embed unlimited content from this system.

Course Cloning
You can now replicate an entire course and share it with another teacher in the system. The new course cloning tool will duplicate all materials (quizzes, blogs, forums, projects and learning routes) into an exact copy – and reset all the statistics and enrolments so that you can use the cloned course with new users. You may wish to invite another member of staff to become the owner/manager of that course (effectively handing it over for them). 

Import a learning route from the Clipboard
As part of our work with many 3rd Party content providers, My Learning has now created the ability to import a SCORM pack (zip file) from your clipboard directly into a Course. This additional method of “Pasting from your clipboard” means that you could store these zip files anywhere on the system and copy and paste them directly into your Course Learning Route.

Welcome to “Live Support”!
We are very pleased to announce that all teachers and staff users of My Learning now have unlimited and free access to our live support service. When you first access the latest edition of My Learning, the Live Support service will automatically be enabled at the lower left of your screen.

When you maximise the support tool you will be connected to a support agent at My Learning who will be able to assist. 

My Learning API tools
We are pleased to announce that My Learning now has a fully operational industry-standard API tool using the REST interface. This new service, based upon oAuth2 Client Credentials Flow, allows 3rd parties, developers and partners to access elements of the My Learning data-set in real-time in order to re-use information in other projects, software and applications.

The documentation for the API is automated, and the command set is based upon similar architectures used on sites such as Facebook, Flickr and Google.

Data interfacing tools
My Learning can now provide a data-feed from your school directly into the product. This service is now extended to our international schools (as well as UK schools) and supports the following MIS providers:  Bromcom, Capita SIMS, Advanced Learning (CMIS), Doublefirst (Engage).

Additional Parental Data for schools with SIMS
SIMS is a School Management Information System owned by Capita. The latest edition of My Learning is now able to read additional data regarding student’s attendance during a term, timetables and lesson planning and display this within our new Parental Reporting Module (“ML Parent Connect”). This new feature also allows teachers to examine a student’s record, and also allows parents to view similar information. The data is real-time, and exported daily (if required). 

Single-Sign-On (SSO) and SAML support
My Learning now supports Active Directory integration from Microsoft Server architectures. This means that in environments whereby a user logs into the school network (provided by Active Directory), that when visiting their My Learning website page, they will automatically be authenticated. 

Friday 26 September 2014

My Learning patches "ShellShock" vulnerability

All My Learning servers and data storage devices have been patched against the new "ShellShock" vulnerability discovered recently. No action is required by end users or customers.

Thursday 5 June 2014

New data tools released

A Virtual Learning Platform is often the central point of focus for many school activities such as calendars, events, quizzes, content, forums and blogs. These services are all based upon communicating and sharing information - which is the essence of any good VLE or management system.

Last week, My Learning released their new "Form Manager". This new document type can be created just like any other type of file, except rather than simply creating an HTML page with content - you can now create any type of form, for any type of purpose.

Best of all, the submissions and feedback to your form can be correlated, compared and shared for feedback and analysis. Let's look at some really practical examples of how you could use this:

School trip request form Social / School event invitations A simple survey for students
Classroom Observations Lesson feedback form Book review forms
School meal survey CPD Assessment tool Staff Appraisals

The list is quite limitless, and since these forms have all the same features as a normal file - you can send them as messages, pin them inside content, turn them into QR Codes and distribute them to any of your existing groups such as the entire school, a tutor group or a learning space.

Why not check out this quick 5 minute video which will showcase how you can use this exciting new upgrade?

 Creating forms in My Learning

Monday 5 May 2014

Bamzonia is now available in My Learning!

Who are Bamzonia?

Bamzonia is a complete online course of personal financial education (PFE). It is designed for UK school students from 7-16. Bamzonia combines a game with lessons and quizzes to keep students engaged and involved while learning. Helping more pupils learn vital PFE skills, this recent collaboration emphasises the dedication both our companies have to promoting financial education in schools and ensuring young people have the access to interactive and engaging learning tools.

Bamzonia have partnered with My Learning as our union of VLE and content can extend the reach and benefit of Personal Financial Education to more pupils – something which is especially important as we draw ever nearer to the compulsory introduction of PFE on the national curriculum. Their popular game and educational tool is already being used throughout schools and other platforms, and they are pleased to be added to the impressive list of contributors whose content is supported on My Learning.

Why is PFE important?

PFE is important because it equips children with vital skills which will benefit them throughout their lives. The economic recession of 2008 led to numerous problems for both national and personal finances and emphasised how a lack of financial education often led to poor or misguided decisions. To avoid similar problems arising in the future, PFE is being brought in as a mandatory part of the national curriculum for schoolchildren. This will ensure financial skills are adopted and nurtured from a young age and give children the best start in life.

You can learn more about Bamzonia using this link.

Friday 25 April 2014

My Learning offers new Cloud Store service at no additional cost.

My Learning are pleased to announce the release of their Cloud Store service.

With the ever growing demand for rich, video based media to be delivered onto an endless array of devices, My Learning have been carefully researching and building their next-generation network to power an increasing and diverse range of clients.

Our new CDN allows static resources such as video, audio and documents to be held in secure static areas positioned in caches all around the globe. Rather than storing this material on the same framework which powers your VLE, My Learning can now re-purpose this material elsewhere so that when many users want to watch the same video, the media is streamed from high-speed dedicated cloud caches which are closest to your location.

This allows the VLE to carry on with it's task of providing you with a powerful learning tool, knowing that the media required is safe and secure, and globally distributed.

There are many cloud solutions available, such as Amazon, Akamai and Azure. In order to ensure data security and integrity - My Learning built their own Cloud Store to hold this information and then cascade cached copies through a distributed cloud network. Importantly, we always control access and availability of your data (unlike some other providers).

How it works:
  1. A user records a classroom video and uploads it to My Learning.
  2. The file is received, and then transmitted to our Cloud Store.
  3. When you play the video, the content is streamed directly from the Cloud Store.
  4. Cloud streaming provides faster bandwidth, improved caching and better performance.
  5. Nothing changes on your VLE, everything works just as it previously did.
What does it cost?
It costs nothing. Simple.

Can I opt out?
Of course. Just let us know your school/business name and we'll exclude you from the migration.

Where is the data?
The original un-cached copy of the data is always protected on our central data store, within our private network infrastructure. The cached copies (for high speed delivery) reside in 24 global locations closest to where you are using My Learning.

The future?
A good question. As more people produce more digital output, the requirement for lighting fast, secure and distributed content will be as important as the roll out of fibre internet. Ultimately, the faster we drive - the more fuel and resources we need.

Expect CDN quality services to be in high demand as our digital lives evolve.

My Learning partners with ZiNET Data Solutions

As the relentless demand for data unity increases, with schools and business training establishments requiring "Big Data" services, My Learning has been assessing the market for companies that are able to provide real-time data solutions.

At first glance, it may seem prudent to select industry giants, or long established companies - but it was soon realised that this is not always the best way forward. Many of these avenues provide products which are outdated, outmoded, or are in a legacy state; and would not cater to the flexible requirements of constantly changing end-user demands.

It is because of this research that My Learning are pleased to announce our partnership with ZiNET Data Solutions who will be working with us to provide a vast array of data transfer services for the business and our existing and future clients.

ZiNET Connect from ZiNET Data Solutions provides an automated facility to synchronise data from a school’s MIS to the My Learning platform. Utilising up-to-date technology and a robust, flexible application set, ZiNET Connect provides the invisible mechanism to connect My Learning to any data source. It’s just that simple, and it just works.

Over the next few months, ZiNET will be working closely to deliver a robust and forward thinking solution to allow schools to maximise their big-data needs for many years ahead.

Business Development Director, Alan Sawyers commented that:
 "With ZiNET's resilient development model, solidly authored future-proof products and many years of industry experience in the data-transfer market, we are extremely pleased to move forward with our partnership which provides even more data extract services for our clients. Big-data may not be on everyone's agenda, but it's our role to predict what our customers require 6 months before they need it."

Over the next few months, all clients of My Learning will be offered the data transfer tool, which currently supports the following MIS products:

Bromcom MIS
RM Integris (Coming Q2 2014*)
iSAMS (Coming Q3 2014*)
Progresso (Coming 2014*)
Arbor (Coming 2014*)

Friday 4 April 2014

My Learning in Norway!

My Learning are pleased to announce the immediate availability of their new Norwegian Digital Learning Arena in preparation for their main-stream launch on 13th May 2014. This new framework for Norwegian schools has an exciting line up of features:

  • Already pre-translated into Norwegian BokmĂ„l.
  • Free integrated video content from Norwegian establishments.
  • Initial support for Nynorsk language.
  • Built-in support for Norwegian Academic Grading structure.
  • Supports all three major school types: Barneskolen, Ungdomsskolen and VideregĂ„ende skole
  • Migration tools available for It's Learning and Fronter.
  • Direct import from Youtube and Flickr.
  • Full support for SCORM 1.2, 2004 and QTI/IMS standards.
  • Available as a self-hosted, or entirely online solution.
  • PC, Laptop, Tablet and Smartphone editions as part of the package.
Upcoming support for:
  • Kikora
  • Matte Mestern
  • NRK Skole
  • Feide SSO

New Office 365 integration

In January 2014 selected users of My Learning had early access to our full integration suite for Office 365. We listened to early feedback and after a week of public release we are now pleased to launch the first edition of our new integration tool for Office 365.

What is does:

  • It gives individual users access to their Office 365 files (directly within My Learning)
  • It allows users to create shortcuts to their Office 365 files within Classes and Learning Spaces.
  • You can add our new Office 365 dashboard panel.
  • See previews of your emails in the dashboard tool.
  • See previews of your upcoming calendar items using the dashboard.
  • Connect and re-connect to your Office 365 when you need to.
  • Completely integrated single-sign-on. Login once, and then no more logins and passwords.
  • Multi device - works on PC, Smartphone and Tablet
  • Access all of your Office 365 documents and files directly.
Upcoming features in version 2:

In the next edition of the integration, users will be able to...
  • Customise the behaviour and properties of their Office 365 dashboard.
  • Email preview and calendar preview will become separate dashboard panels.
  • First version of the ability to select daily, weekly or monthly calendar views.
Remember, that all users of My Learning have been able to access their OneDrive (ex-SkyDrive) web drives since August 2013, so if you have these free services such as GoogleDrive and Dropbox - you can use these too.

Existing users of My Learning have access to our Skills Hub - packed with tutorial video's. Within the next few days, you'll have access to the 4 click process of accessing your Office 365 suite.

Wednesday 5 March 2014

It's even easier to move to My Learning now...

Removing the stress of switching to a better VLE.

There's nothing more frustrating than feeling trapped in a VLE that just doesn't have the features you want. Quite often, ICT practitioners  want to change their VLE - but the headache of starting again can be an overwhelming thought.

Don't panic, we've been working hard to make this task even easier.

We are pleased to announce that My Learning now supports migration from the following list of products:

Fully operational:

Fronter: Full SCORM and FILE migration directly into My Learning. Export and re-import directly!
It's Learning: We can export files, quizzes and a range of files directly into ML.
Uniservity: Download your URF from Uniservity and move the content directly into ML.
Sharepoint: We can import quizzes and files created in Sharepoint directly into a course.
ClassServer: Direct import of IMS quizzes and files.
MySuite: Full ZIP download of all content, for direct upload into ML.
ZIP: Just import a standard zip of content directly into a class or course.
Email: We can also directly migrate email accounts into mailboxes in ML.


Moodle: Import a Moodle backup file, or export IMS directly into ML.

Initial research:

Equella: Import cataloged assets (including meta-data) directly into ML.
BlackBoard: Early research into Common Cartridge direct import inside ML.

Thursday 16 January 2014

My Learning expands again for 2014

My Learning celebrates a busy 2014 with a further expansion of it's team during the last 3 months. If you want to meet these people in the real world, then head over to Stand F492 at BETT next week!

We are pleased to welcome Stephanie Woods who joined My Learning in September 2013. Stephanie brings a wealth of educational management expertise in Primary and Secondary arena's with many years service directly in schools and with Becta. Part of her new role is to consult with our development team and focus attentions on constant improvements to the product and to liaise directly with our audience. She's also the voice behind many of our new Youtube instructional videos, and those rather useful skills updates that you really should tune into -  for which we've received some great feedback!

Kim Bird joins the team for 2014 and has almost 20 years of experience in the Education Sector working directly with schools and colleges.  Kim managed a number of LA contracts delivering the first ICT suites into primary, middle and secondary schools in the North of England in the late 90s.  She then went on to work in partnership with a number of PFI and PPP schools advising them on current IT equipment and software, delivering a fully managed service solution into each establishment.  Over the last 8 years Kim has been working closely with primary, secondary schools and new academies to understand what they are trying to achieve with the use of IT and helping them to realise their vision with the use of Learning Platforms.
Kim mentioned “After seeing My Learning I was very excited about the engaging interface and amazed with the ease of use in comparison to other products I have experienced in the past.  My Learning truly is about 21st Century Learning, offering students a wide range of learning, productivity and communication tools and a whole suite of content from any device, including smart phones and games consoles”

And finally, we're pleased to welcome Oliver aboard our Frigate as a worthy apprentice on 1st line support. An accurate, and multi-talented 'whizz', we're already feeling old in his presence. Oliver is now assisting our 2nd line support structure and liaises directly with development to act as a human-conduit between the digital and real worlds.

Monday 13 January 2014

My Learning @BETT 2014 - Powering Learning

Come and see My Learning at BETT 2014 for a full programme of demonstrations and CPD.

Our amazing existing schools and new customers alike can enjoy lively presentations on a rotating programme that address the very real learning and organizational needs of schools today.

What makes My Learning safe… but not too safe?
Using the power of guided searching and moderated communication to empower students

My Learning – the hub of your computing curriculum?
The computing curriculum is necessarily structured in nature. Use My Learning to assign and submit projects, to introduce challenge for the more able, to support others with explanation and repetition, to access timely tasks and to take the first steps in html authoring for real.

Mobile devices - so much more than expensive cameras
Who needs apps? With the power of My Learning your students can author multimedia pages on their smartphone, capture and share learning as it happens, support peer learning and assessment and access multimedia content.

Taking school home – harness parent power for whole school improvement
This presentation explores all the ways in which your My Learning Website and Learning Platform together represent the many facets of school life, drawing your parents into the world of your school and enlisting their support and engagement in their child’s learning.

Effective digital homework – great ideas to bury the worksheet!
Homework is so much more than completing an exercise on paper. Here are some great ideas to make homework more meaningful, engaging and enjoyable… yes I did say enjoyable!

Sunday 5 January 2014

Version 25 of My Learning is now released

To celebrate the start of 2014, the team at My Learning are pleased to release our latest edition; entitled "Helias" (v25).

Some of the new features are below, but our VLE clients will find details, further information and screenshots on their bulletin board after login to the new edition.

Digitally signed QR codes, Single calendar, Courses layout improvements, Course calendars, "Mini mode" = new layout design, Lesson Planner changes, Mobile QR login, Screen annotator enhanced, Chat room upgrades.

Upcoming features:
Parents portal design update, Multi-lingual SMS messenger, Batch marking homework, Calendar document pinning, My Learning TV and a Python Sandbox!

And we'll be introducing you to some new features and modules during the course of January to celebrate our biggest BETT ever. We're always happy to meet up with schools, as this year at BETT we're offering 5 micro-workshops in a rotating programme showcasing all aspects of the platform. Details to be sent shortly.

As always, the development of My Learning is based purely on your suggestions - so please keep suggesting and we'll keep delivering.

ML Support.