Friday 25 April 2014

My Learning partners with ZiNET Data Solutions

As the relentless demand for data unity increases, with schools and business training establishments requiring "Big Data" services, My Learning has been assessing the market for companies that are able to provide real-time data solutions.

At first glance, it may seem prudent to select industry giants, or long established companies - but it was soon realised that this is not always the best way forward. Many of these avenues provide products which are outdated, outmoded, or are in a legacy state; and would not cater to the flexible requirements of constantly changing end-user demands.

It is because of this research that My Learning are pleased to announce our partnership with ZiNET Data Solutions who will be working with us to provide a vast array of data transfer services for the business and our existing and future clients.

ZiNET Connect from ZiNET Data Solutions provides an automated facility to synchronise data from a school’s MIS to the My Learning platform. Utilising up-to-date technology and a robust, flexible application set, ZiNET Connect provides the invisible mechanism to connect My Learning to any data source. It’s just that simple, and it just works.

Over the next few months, ZiNET will be working closely to deliver a robust and forward thinking solution to allow schools to maximise their big-data needs for many years ahead.

Business Development Director, Alan Sawyers commented that:
 "With ZiNET's resilient development model, solidly authored future-proof products and many years of industry experience in the data-transfer market, we are extremely pleased to move forward with our partnership which provides even more data extract services for our clients. Big-data may not be on everyone's agenda, but it's our role to predict what our customers require 6 months before they need it."

Over the next few months, all clients of My Learning will be offered the data transfer tool, which currently supports the following MIS products:

Bromcom MIS
RM Integris (Coming Q2 2014*)
iSAMS (Coming Q3 2014*)
Progresso (Coming 2014*)
Arbor (Coming 2014*)