Tuesday 24 January 2012

GooglePad... The return

Way back in 2008 (before our newsfeed) we released initial support for full integration with Google Docs, Calendar and a range of other services. Unfortunately, at that time - not many UK schools had found the opportunity to fully explore the services of Google and were rapidly beginning their own assessment of the diverse range of functionality that was to be provided.
We took our initial integrator offline and there it sat for two years!

We're pleased to announce that the project was revived in October 2011 and we're now embarking on phase two of integration. The new module is named "GooglePad" and it will provide access to a powerful bank of built-in sub-modules and features directly from Google.

Initially, GooglePad will provide the following directly integrated services:

Google Calendar   Google Docs   Google gMail

Phase 3 will provide access to:

Google Books   Google Scholar   Google Blogs   Google Photo   Google Video

All of these facilities will be exposed as 'apps' that can be used and re-used throughout the learning platform. Administrators will be able to designate availability of these features based upon the role of the user, and whether they have credentials setup for Google services.

We're looking for pilot schools - so if you use our services or not, give us a call and get involved!