Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Could Free Notifications Be the Way Forward for Parent Communication?

Are you looking to save money on parent communications?

Do you need a safe, reliable communication tool?

Do you need to know how far your communications are reaching?

My Learning’s ‘Fusion’ VLE provides a comprehensive range of communication options with one key benefit… no SMS costs!

Push notifications go directly and immediately to parents via our free parent App.
These multimedia campaigns feed straight to parents’ mobile phones and other devices.
Send out important announcements immediately or set up feeds for parents to control.

All of these benefits are just part of the Fusion Virtual Learning Environment, powered by My Learning. A powerful and functional VLE for your whole school community, giving parents the information they need to support their child – simply the wisest choice.

  • Replace mail, pupil post and SMS communications with FREE instant messaging
  • Gather parental feedback using online surveys
  • Get faster parental permissions (with less chasing)
  • Harness parent support with their child’s learning

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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Top 10 Reasons for Using A VLE in Your School

The key benefit of a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is that it brings together the whole school community in one secure, online space. No need for a plethora of Apps and subscriptions.

Here are our top 10 reasons for using a VLE in your school.

1.       Cost effective parent engagement and communications
Give parents secure access to their child’s homework, school life and essential communications.

2.       Securely share within and between school communities
Secure sharing of resources and indeed entire platforms between associated school communities across trusts and academy groups etc.

3.       Better homework management
Use a purpose built homework manager, providing teachers with easy management and marking, and students with rich, multimedia support for tasks and assignments.

4.       MIS integration
Link with your MIS and seamlessly update classes, permissions and access a wealth of information for teachers, students and parents such as attendance, behaviour, reports and timetables.

MIS Intergration and Reporting

5.       One-stop access to learning materials
From file share for every class and club, to single sign-on access to all your online content resources. Your VLE brings your online content to a single access point. You can even set up single sign-on from your school network to create the ultimate online experience for your students.

6.       Secure communication
Communicate with just those you want to in a safe, online environment. Control student messaging and permissions and ensure communications are screened and can be accessed and monitored when needed.

7.       Adapts to all age groups and users in one platform
From the very young, to adult and in over 110 languages, the VLE can adapt to and support the full range of user needs in your school.

Primary School Student Using iPad

8.       Brings together cloud storage into one place
Access your DropBox, OneDrive and Google Drive files in one place.

9.       Seamless reporting
With all your learning in one place, reporting is so much easier and environmentally friendly, cutting down on endless printing and photcopying!

10.   School website
You can even use your VLE to publish a school website that seamlessly draws information from your VLE to present to your public audience.

All of these benefits are just part of the Fusion Virtual Learning Environment, powered by My Learning. ONE stop, One Product. A powerful and functional VLE for your whole school community, giving teachers the tools and parents the information they need to support our children – simply the wisest choice.

Got Office 365 For Your School?

Does it provide parent engagement and communications?

Do your teachers need better homework management?

My Learning’s ‘Fusion’ VLE provides a comprehensive Parent Portal and Homework Manager to complement and work with your O365.

  • A range of free parent communication options that feed straight to parents’ mobile phones and other devices … no SMS costs!
  • Parents get involved in their child’s learning and provide the support they need.
  • Powerful homework management tool with rich, multimedia and easy, one-stop online marking make setting and marking homework easy and cuts down on unnecessary paper and photocopying.
  • Easy access to O365 calendar, email and OneDrive files within Fusion. 

All of these benefits are just part of the Fusion Virtual Learning Environment, powered by My Learning. A powerful and functional VLE for your whole school community, giving teachers the tools and parents the information they need to support our children – simply the wisest choice.

10 Things That Make a Great Online Homework Tool for Students and Parents

We know that parents like to feel involved in their children’s education. Helping them with homework and being able to monitor their progress in an easy and accessible way using an online platform or Parent Portal, such as Fusion VLE from My Learning, is a great way of keeping parents up to date. As parents, we know how easy it is to miss information sent home from school as letters get lost in the bottom of bags or homework tasks are not written down in planners.

For students, in an increasingly digital world, being able to view, complete and submit homework online makes life much easier and can increase productivity. Here are the top 10 things that make our Fusion VLE online homework tool perfect for students and parents.

1.       Clear list of homework due
The Homework dashboard panel on the student home screen provides a clear list of all homework due at any time. Students can access the homework tasks directly from this panel.
The Parent Portal provides parents with a clear list of all homework assignments due to be submitted by their child.

2.       Indication of “What’s New” on the dashboard/home screen
Students will see any new homework assignments clearly highlighted in the Homework dashboard panel on their home screen.
In the Parent Portal, any newly set homework will be highlighted on the home screen so it is immediately visible to parents. Parents can access the individual homework tasks directly from this screen.

3.       Due dates in calendar/planner
Deadlines and due dates for homework submissions will appear in the Student Calendar, which can be viewed on the home screen via the dashboard panel. Parents can also view their child’s calendar to see when homework needs to be submitted.

4.       Notifications of new and marked work
When new homework has been set both students and parents will receive a notification to inform them. Notifications will also be triggered when a teacher has marked the student’s work and/or provided feedback. Students and parents can follow the link in the notifications for direct access.

5.       Teachers mark and comment online
Teachers are able to mark work and provide feedback comments online, allowing students and parents to view these at any time on any device. This provides a permanent record of the marks/feedback that can be referred to.

6.       Re-work and re-submit work once marked
Students are able to act upon feedback from their teacher and re-work/re-submit assignments with amendments and improvements made. Re-submissions are saved as a new file alongside the original submission, allowing for easy monitoring of progress.

7.       Work and grades saved in Workbook and Grading Centre for evidence and records
Completed homework submissions can be sent to the student’s workbook (e-portfolio) to be collated as evidence along with any other files they have created or submitted. Students and parents can then view their grades for each piece of work in the Grading Centre.

8.       Parents can track their child’s homework
Parents, via the Parent Portal, are able to track their child’s progress on each piece of homework, including being able to view submissions and re-submissions made.

9.       Parents can access the homework description and resources to help support their child’s homework
In the Parent Portal, parents can view the homework description and resources in the same way their child can. This allows them to provide support for their child as necessary, with access to all the given information and resources.

10.   Parents can see the teacher given grades and feedback
Parents are able to see the grades and feedback given by teachers. They can view the progress their child is making and directly access the feedback comments provided by the teacher, so as to be able to further support their child as necessary.

For more information on Fusion Virtual Learning Environment visit www.mylearningltd.com

10 Things That Make a Great Online Homework Tool for Teachers

We all know that homework has become a staple part of our education system. Whether it be writing an essay, answering questions, keeping a diary or watching a video in preparation for class, teachers are continually finding creative and productive ways of getting students to complete homework assignments.

How many times has a student in your class forgotten their homework, not written it down correctly or lost the resources provided? With an online homework tool this can all be avoided. Here are the top 10 things that make our Fusion VLE online homework tool perfect for teachers.

1.       Set work for a group with one click
Setting work for your class is quick and easy, just one click will allow you to assign homework to a chosen group.

2.       Select individual students for differentiation
Want to set a differentiated task for a student or a select group? No problem! You can select any number of students to assign a different homework assignment/task to without singling them out in front of the rest of the group.

3.       Create multimedia rich descriptions of the task
You can include links, images and videos within your homework description to give students all the information they need in order to complete the assignment. You could even add a video of yourself modelling what you want them to do or giving them a mini-introduction to the task.

4.       Drag and drop upload of files and resources to support the task
You can easily provide files and resources for the homework assignment using the drag and drop uploader. Select the files you want to attach and drag them into the uploader for quick and easy attachment.

5.       Set start and deadline dates
You can choose the date the assignment will go live to students as well as the deadline date for hand in/completion. There is also the option for these dates to be added to the students’ calendars so that they have a visual reminder on their own dashboards.

6.       Automatic notifications to students and parents
Once you have set a homework task for a group both the students and their parents will receive a notification informing them that a new piece of homework has been set and providing a direct link to the assignment. You can even send an instant popup message to students to inform them of a new piece of homework.

7.       Parents can view via the Parent Portal to monitor and support the student with their homework
Using the Parent Portal, parents can log in and view the homework exactly as the student sees it (with the exception of being able to submit a file). They can also see the work their child has completed and submitted. This allows parents to support their child with their homework and monitor their progress.

8.       Clear indication when tasks have been completed
Once a student has completed/submitted their homework teachers will see this clearly highlighted within the Homework dashboard panel and within the homework task itself.

9.       All homework can be viewed, marked and feedback provided via a single screen
Teachers can view, mark and provide feedback on homework all from a single screen. Students homework submissions are all accessible from one screen for ease of use and efficiency.

10.   Online marking of students’ work
Students’ homework submissions can be marked and graded online with our marking tool. The school can set a bespoke marking scheme and teachers can also add custom comments to student work to provide them with feedback.

For more information on Fusion Virtual Learning Environment visit www.mylearningltd.com

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Fusion v1.1

Welcome to Fusion!
Not only do we have a new name but we also have a whole host of fantastic new features and updates to make the user experience even better! Below are just a few of these features.

 Download release notes

 General Information

Office 365 Integration
Fusion has four new dashboard panels that integrate with your Office 365 account, showing unread emails, calendar events and quick links to Office 365 tools such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.The OneDrive panel will show all files in your 365 OneDrive, recent files and shared files, directly shared to you by other people.

Homework Editor
When creating homework, the description box now uses a rich text editor, so you can style it up however you want. This allows you to format text and insert links/images. Other resources can still be added as previously, using the drag and drop uploader, the clipboard or the new file option.

There have been several updates to our popular Form builder tool making it even more useful and easy to use! Free text answers can now be marked, forms can be graded, timers can be added to quizzes and more question options have been added.

Metrics and Reports
Fusion has a range of reports, graphs and metrics, which historically have remained scattered throughout the system. We have now created a single place where all reports will reside. Teachers, staff and administrators will now find a new link at the top of the screen entitled “Reports” which will provide a single page, detailing all the reports and metrics available from the platform. Many of our reports have been updated to take advantage of our new Fusion Graphing engine which will now also operate on Tablets and Smartphones.

You also have access to the new “Metrics” button for more detailed analysis of your school community.


We’re really pleased to announce that we’ve added 14 new language packs to the product. Notable entries include support for Kurdish, Pashto and Kyrgyz with new language splits for two types of Gaelic and support for Frisian (for our colleagues in The Northern Netherlands). We now cover 96% of the world’s language requirements, standing at 113 languages! These language packs have been updated for Teachers, Students and Parents on all devices.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

World Book Day 2017

March 2nd is World Book Day – a celebration of authors, illustrators, books and (most importantly) reading!

Designated by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), it is marked in over 100 countries across the globe, making it the biggest celebration of its kind.

2017 marks the 20th year of World Book Day when, as always, children of all ages will come together to appreciate reading. I remember the days of receiving a token for £1 off or even a free book, as well as dressing up as a favourite character as part of my school’s celebrations (I distinctly recall the year I turned up to school (aged 6) in a full “Blue Peter style” cardboard dinosaur costume only to find we had gotten the date mixed up and everyone else was in their uniform! Cue total embarrassment and sitting in my vest and pants until my mum arrived with my school clothes).

We've updated your VLE with some features to celebrate this amazing day!

You will find a You Tube channel from Puffin Books which provide some brilliant video introductions to popular books. There's also a new Content Library link dedicated to all the free resources on the WBD Website. Finally, we've also created two special "Themes" especially for World Book Day.

Go and check them out!

The World Book Day website has a huge range of free resources and ideas for celebrating, ranging from Early Years to Secondary. The resources have been created in association with twinkl, one of our VLE content providers, and cover some of the best loved children’s books and authors from The Very Hungry Caterpillar to Roald Dahl. As well as book themed resources packs there are many other activities from crosswords and wordsearches to craft activities, writing ideas, teaching notes and much more.

“It’s all about getting kids closer to the books and authors they already love, and letting them discover more books and authors they’ll love every bit as much in the future.”www.worldbookday.com

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Fusion and Synergy


“the process or result of joining two or more things together to form a single entity”

What do Soul music, Tex-Mex and the Sun have in common? They are all examples of Fusion.
A word associated with science, music, food, film, the bringing together of the best of different things to create a new and exciting single entity.  Fusion, at its best, can lead to Synergy, the creation of a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

“the creation of a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts”

Bringing together the best of what we do into one entity is exactly what we are doing at My Learning. Keep checking back for future updates of what is to come. You can also visit us at the Bett Show, 25th-28th January 2017. We will be on stand F260.

Energise. Enrich. Engage.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Fully Prepared


“in a suitable state for an action or situation; fully prepared.”

“make (something) ready for use or consideration.”

“To be prepared is half the victory.”
Miguel de Cervantes - Writer

“Be prepared, work hard, and hope for a little luck. Recognize that the harder you work and the better prepared you are, the more luck you might have.”
Ed Bradley - Journalist

“If you are prepared, you will be confident, and will do the job.”

Tom Landry - Sportsman