Wednesday 5 March 2014

It's even easier to move to My Learning now...

Removing the stress of switching to a better VLE.

There's nothing more frustrating than feeling trapped in a VLE that just doesn't have the features you want. Quite often, ICT practitioners  want to change their VLE - but the headache of starting again can be an overwhelming thought.

Don't panic, we've been working hard to make this task even easier.

We are pleased to announce that My Learning now supports migration from the following list of products:

Fully operational:

Fronter: Full SCORM and FILE migration directly into My Learning. Export and re-import directly!
It's Learning: We can export files, quizzes and a range of files directly into ML.
Uniservity: Download your URF from Uniservity and move the content directly into ML.
Sharepoint: We can import quizzes and files created in Sharepoint directly into a course.
ClassServer: Direct import of IMS quizzes and files.
MySuite: Full ZIP download of all content, for direct upload into ML.
ZIP: Just import a standard zip of content directly into a class or course.
Email: We can also directly migrate email accounts into mailboxes in ML.


Moodle: Import a Moodle backup file, or export IMS directly into ML.

Initial research:

Equella: Import cataloged assets (including meta-data) directly into ML.
BlackBoard: Early research into Common Cartridge direct import inside ML.