Wednesday 11 July 2012

Two new 'Apps' from My Learning

As part of our work to be the most compliant provider of tablet based e-Learning in the UK our development team are making some significant changes to the platform during the summer break. These changes will vastly enhance the end-user experience on a wide range of tablet and mobile platforms with specialist features and detection scripts.

The first part of this work is being released shortly, with two Android apps specifically for instant access to the platform. (Mobile and Tablet)

Did you know that My Learning already have built-in support for iPads and Android tablets? Our system changes the way it operates based upon the device you use, providing a true anywhere/anytime learning experience. And being one of the most browser-compatible platforms certainly helps in applying the same care to tablet users.

We've also just finished writing and signing off our own custom-ROM files for Android tablets, and certifying a range of common devices for use with My Learning. Now you really can deliver bi-directional learning anywhere with ease!

Friday 6 July 2012

More processing power!

It would seem that all our users are being busy bees before the UK school holidays! During this weekend, we're doubling the processing capacity of the master servers. These servers typically handle video conversions, audio and video recording and website image capturing. By doubling the capacity, we should be seeing a reduction in the time these processes take to happen - this means you can do more work in less time!

This update is being applied to our UK server from 22:00 GMT and our Netherlands server from 23:00 CET. The master servers will be down for approximately 20 minutes.
Our Vietnam data server is being split into two new systems during the weekend, and is not affected by this European work.