Monday 28 March 2011

Automated Error Reporting (AER's)

Recently we've been researching ways of optimizing the learning platform so that any issues that are encountered do not hinder the use of the system from an end-user point of view - especially whilst teaching. Two weeks ago, we activated a new process entitled "Automated Error Reporting" which allows our system to silently make detailed observations of any issues or improvement opportunities encountered whilst using the learning platform.

The result of this new facility is that our support team are now obtaining details of unusual issues that may have been difficult to replicate or determine and are now able to correct them on demand. We have measured the improvement of the new system and it has reduced the "Time to fix" [TTF] by 50%. Goodbye bugs.

Saturday 5 March 2011

ISO 9001

Perhaps not as exciting as new features, gadgets and video recording tools - but because we're now taking onboard lots of unhappy clients from other companies it makes sense to ensure that we have a solid and efficient service running behind the scenes.

We like to think that we're all perfect, so we've invited an ISO 9001 firm to come in and explain if we're good at doing things, or if we need improvement!
On a more serious note, ISO 9001 will provide further market confidence in the fact that My Learning is rapidly becoming an exciting alternative to many existing platforms. Long live the revolution!

Phase 2 of upgrades

Just to advise all our users that phase 2 of our upgrade is happening this weekend. There is no downtime required and you'll find that any issues or errors with the recent large upgrade will be eliminated before Monday.
We've squashed a bug with the Audio Recorder, the Calendar updates and we'll be releasing the first edition of our entirely re-written parent portal during next week. All godd stuff!