Friday 4 April 2014

New Office 365 integration

In January 2014 selected users of My Learning had early access to our full integration suite for Office 365. We listened to early feedback and after a week of public release we are now pleased to launch the first edition of our new integration tool for Office 365.

What is does:

  • It gives individual users access to their Office 365 files (directly within My Learning)
  • It allows users to create shortcuts to their Office 365 files within Classes and Learning Spaces.
  • You can add our new Office 365 dashboard panel.
  • See previews of your emails in the dashboard tool.
  • See previews of your upcoming calendar items using the dashboard.
  • Connect and re-connect to your Office 365 when you need to.
  • Completely integrated single-sign-on. Login once, and then no more logins and passwords.
  • Multi device - works on PC, Smartphone and Tablet
  • Access all of your Office 365 documents and files directly.
Upcoming features in version 2:

In the next edition of the integration, users will be able to...
  • Customise the behaviour and properties of their Office 365 dashboard.
  • Email preview and calendar preview will become separate dashboard panels.
  • First version of the ability to select daily, weekly or monthly calendar views.
Remember, that all users of My Learning have been able to access their OneDrive (ex-SkyDrive) web drives since August 2013, so if you have these free services such as GoogleDrive and Dropbox - you can use these too.

Existing users of My Learning have access to our Skills Hub - packed with tutorial video's. Within the next few days, you'll have access to the 4 click process of accessing your Office 365 suite.