Monday 17 November 2014

My Learning innovative new release: v28 - "Sabre Wing"

The latest release of the My Learning Suite focuses on improving speed and visuals, integrating with a wider choice of data and content and includes some great new tools and functions.

For our full release notes click here: Release Notes V28 Sabre Wing

Improved visuals
My Learning have enhanced the visual appearances inside the product with modernised themes, improved CSS and a new set of fonts, particularly to assist users on a wide range of touch devices.

This new edition of My Learning has a slightly larger playback bar at the top of your screen when you access content. Our tools have been enhanced to provide larger, clearer buttons which represent actions which apply to content. These are features such as "Download", "QR Code" and "Print".

We have enhanced the “Mini-layout” theme for Infant users with larger icons and subtle clearer colouring.

The login screen within My Learning can now be customised centrally with your own selected wallpaper background, and editable text and background colours.

We have added an informatics panel to the footer of all Secondary themes which provides a centralised area to quickly navigate common areas and change settings.

Copy a folder
A new ability exists in the File Manager to copy a folder into the clipboard and paste it elsewhere on the system. This will allow rapid linking of materials into different classes or learning spaces. When you copy a folder, the system creates a shortcut to the original contents, meaning that if the original information changes – all other users who are allowed to access it will see the updated contents.

SCORM Player
We have a faster, larger and more compatible SCORM playback engine. This new engine will automatically maximise the display size of material, is much easier to navigate and use and is now compatible with tablet devices.

Import a learning route from the Clipboard
My Learning has now created the ability to import a SCORM pack (zip file) from your clipboard directly into a Course. Presently, users can easily upload the SCORM zip file directly into a Learning Route, but this additional method of “Pasting from your clipboard” means that you could store these zip files anywhere on the system and copy and paste them directly into your Course Learning Route. 

FTP Drives
My Learning now has the ability to establish unlimited connections to FTP locations as virtual folders within system. Schools can share vast quantities of information directly within their VLE by simply creating a folder which points to an FTP location.

Pearson Equella
Equella is a content management system which is designed to store and re-purpose collections of digital information for use in other systems. My Learning is now able to attach to the digital resources in Equella; allowing users to upload, download, share and embed unlimited content from this system.

Course Cloning
You can now replicate an entire course and share it with another teacher in the system. The new course cloning tool will duplicate all materials (quizzes, blogs, forums, projects and learning routes) into an exact copy – and reset all the statistics and enrolments so that you can use the cloned course with new users. You may wish to invite another member of staff to become the owner/manager of that course (effectively handing it over for them). 

Import a learning route from the Clipboard
As part of our work with many 3rd Party content providers, My Learning has now created the ability to import a SCORM pack (zip file) from your clipboard directly into a Course. This additional method of “Pasting from your clipboard” means that you could store these zip files anywhere on the system and copy and paste them directly into your Course Learning Route.

Welcome to “Live Support”!
We are very pleased to announce that all teachers and staff users of My Learning now have unlimited and free access to our live support service. When you first access the latest edition of My Learning, the Live Support service will automatically be enabled at the lower left of your screen.

When you maximise the support tool you will be connected to a support agent at My Learning who will be able to assist. 

My Learning API tools
We are pleased to announce that My Learning now has a fully operational industry-standard API tool using the REST interface. This new service, based upon oAuth2 Client Credentials Flow, allows 3rd parties, developers and partners to access elements of the My Learning data-set in real-time in order to re-use information in other projects, software and applications.

The documentation for the API is automated, and the command set is based upon similar architectures used on sites such as Facebook, Flickr and Google.

Data interfacing tools
My Learning can now provide a data-feed from your school directly into the product. This service is now extended to our international schools (as well as UK schools) and supports the following MIS providers:  Bromcom, Capita SIMS, Advanced Learning (CMIS), Doublefirst (Engage).

Additional Parental Data for schools with SIMS
SIMS is a School Management Information System owned by Capita. The latest edition of My Learning is now able to read additional data regarding student’s attendance during a term, timetables and lesson planning and display this within our new Parental Reporting Module (“ML Parent Connect”). This new feature also allows teachers to examine a student’s record, and also allows parents to view similar information. The data is real-time, and exported daily (if required). 

Single-Sign-On (SSO) and SAML support
My Learning now supports Active Directory integration from Microsoft Server architectures. This means that in environments whereby a user logs into the school network (provided by Active Directory), that when visiting their My Learning website page, they will automatically be authenticated.