Thursday 5 June 2014

New data tools released

A Virtual Learning Platform is often the central point of focus for many school activities such as calendars, events, quizzes, content, forums and blogs. These services are all based upon communicating and sharing information - which is the essence of any good VLE or management system.

Last week, My Learning released their new "Form Manager". This new document type can be created just like any other type of file, except rather than simply creating an HTML page with content - you can now create any type of form, for any type of purpose.

Best of all, the submissions and feedback to your form can be correlated, compared and shared for feedback and analysis. Let's look at some really practical examples of how you could use this:

School trip request form Social / School event invitations A simple survey for students
Classroom Observations Lesson feedback form Book review forms
School meal survey CPD Assessment tool Staff Appraisals

The list is quite limitless, and since these forms have all the same features as a normal file - you can send them as messages, pin them inside content, turn them into QR Codes and distribute them to any of your existing groups such as the entire school, a tutor group or a learning space.

Why not check out this quick 5 minute video which will showcase how you can use this exciting new upgrade?

 Creating forms in My Learning