Monday 5 May 2014

Bamzonia is now available in My Learning!

Who are Bamzonia?

Bamzonia is a complete online course of personal financial education (PFE). It is designed for UK school students from 7-16. Bamzonia combines a game with lessons and quizzes to keep students engaged and involved while learning. Helping more pupils learn vital PFE skills, this recent collaboration emphasises the dedication both our companies have to promoting financial education in schools and ensuring young people have the access to interactive and engaging learning tools.

Bamzonia have partnered with My Learning as our union of VLE and content can extend the reach and benefit of Personal Financial Education to more pupils – something which is especially important as we draw ever nearer to the compulsory introduction of PFE on the national curriculum. Their popular game and educational tool is already being used throughout schools and other platforms, and they are pleased to be added to the impressive list of contributors whose content is supported on My Learning.

Why is PFE important?

PFE is important because it equips children with vital skills which will benefit them throughout their lives. The economic recession of 2008 led to numerous problems for both national and personal finances and emphasised how a lack of financial education often led to poor or misguided decisions. To avoid similar problems arising in the future, PFE is being brought in as a mandatory part of the national curriculum for schoolchildren. This will ensure financial skills are adopted and nurtured from a young age and give children the best start in life.

You can learn more about Bamzonia using this link.