Monday 1 March 2010

Version 12 launched

After two weeks of testing, and a few late nights from our developers... we present Version 12 of the My Learning Suite:

  • Faster language support with client side caching
  • Improvements to HTML code compliance (XHTML)
  • A re-written user import tool which is much smarter
  • Welsh language support (Irish to follow shortly)
  • Updated right-to-left text rendering for Arabic and Farsi text
  • New user search tools and user directory browser
  • Context sensitive online help has been updated
  • 7 new themes for older users and teacher accounts
  • New school notice board feature!
  • New school shared sticky notes too
  • All users now have a dashboard on their homepage
  • Improved mini-calendar now available
  • Introduction of "Recent documents" for all users
  • Many little graphical tweaks and technical nonsense things...
Have fun!

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