Thursday 27 May 2010

Version 13 official release

Our latest and greatest version has now been applied to all clients:
  •    File licencing - allows users to stamp their files with a licence
  •    CEOP reporting - new option to allow users to report abuse internally, or externally
  •    Clipart - We now provide 4,805 clipart items with each deployment! (all tagged and searchable)
  •    QRCodes - Take your files on your phone by scanning their barcode image on the screen! (iPhone / Nokia and HTC phones)
  •    Notes - Sticky notes are now even more fun to use, remember positions, zoomable and more on screen space
  •    Editor - A brand new editor for teachers with even more features, much easier to use
  •    Bridge - Teachers can now create courses within minutes with our new "Resource Importer" - make topic courses in 5 minutes
  •    Infant - Our new My Learning Infant product is being released after half-term, with 24 cartoon characters
  •    Search - Our updated search tool now looks through the entire system, for anything you want
Take it for a spin and let us know if there is anything you would like to see!

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