Sunday 11 July 2010

Improvements and additions

We have been busy recently adding features requests from users to our range of learning platforms. See below for a few of the additions:

  •  NEW: Teachers can now write to entire Class Groups and Learning Spaces
  •  NEW: A new upload guardian will detect users trying to upload viruses
  •  NEW: Improved summary screen for regular users
  •  NEW: An enhanced to-do list for new users of the system
  •  NEW: Copy and paste files using the new file clipboard
  •  NEW: Teachers can now send video popups
  •  NEW: Users can now upload new files whilst directly editing a file
  •  FIX: A handful of minor display bugs were found, and squashed.
  •  FIX: Overhaul of improved support for Internet Explorer 8 (and upcoming 9)
  •  FIX: When creating messages, leaving the subject blank would lose your message
  •  FIX: Unable to edit your title from your user information page
  •  FIX: When creating courses, your name would not honour your formal/informal setting
  •  FIX: Lists of students and teachers now have less detail, and show more entries per screen

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