Thursday 20 January 2011

Version 15 is under final testing

Inline with our corporate strategy to release 4 major updates per year for the community, version 15 of our platform will be released for mid-March. All of our releases use the names of Amazonian butterflies, and the next release is entitled "Adelpha". It will bring with it, the following new features:

  • Teachers will be able to co-own Classgroups and Learning spaces - very useful for part-time teachers or split class sharing with teaching assistants.
  • Our new Google Earth integration is nearing completion, which will allow teachers to embed all manner of mapping technologies.
  • A re-write is underway for our MP3 and podcasting engine to allow users to easily embed music, sound and narration on the platform.
  • We're working on a built-in LOGO emulator to help teachers discover this fascinating programming language to bring ICT lessons to life. (We're looking for test sites - so please get in touch!).
  • Further additional themes and graphical tweaks for the system
  • Enhancement to our SCORM player engine to work with mobile phones.
  • We're als releasing our "Video Guru" video recording tool.

Plus, the usual minor releases and updates - so stay tuned!

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