Tuesday 31 May 2011

Version 16 release date announced

My Learning (UK) Ltd is pleased to announce the release date of it's next version, entitled "Temenis". Version 16 provides an extensive range of new and improved features; guided, as always, by teachers, students and parents!
The release date will be Monday June 20th.

After the UK half-term break we'll be releasing an information document to all our schools explaining some of the changes that we're making to the My Learning Junior interface. Our team is making the most of the school break to press on with final phase testing to ensure the v16 release goes smoothly.

Any schools attending the Northern Grid Conference and the E2BN Conference will be amongst the first to see our new interface and features (another reason to come and see us!). This new release contains some of our most advanced features to date, and details will be posted to the public lab on June 23rd.

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