Wednesday 12 October 2011

Version 17 release date announced

My Learning are pleased to announce that the release of the next major update to the My Learning Suite of products, entitled "Damora" will be implemented from 4pm on Tuesday 29th November.

Version 17 [Damora] contains many visual enhancements, layout improvements and a range of new features. We've radically overhauled the entire course/topic management system to provide many new options at the request of schools. Our internal development systems are already running Damora, and the feedback so far has been fantastic.

The main focus for Damora is "consolidation" and "enhancement". We decided to improve the existing modules and features rather than release another wave of new facilities! (There's already a huge amount of modules within the platform).

The launch of Damora also delivers a new sister-product to the My Learning Suite, entitled "Commune".
My Learning Commune acts as a central hub between all our clients, allowing much greater flexibility and enhanced communication between geographically different locations. More details regarding "Commune" will be released in November.

As with all our upgrades, there's absolutely nothing you need to do other than wait. The formal pre-release notes will appear on the login page of your learning platform as usual. Another new update will see the production of our monthly newsletter which will be emailed to all relevant parties on the last day of each month (optional).

We look forward to hearing your comments, ideas and feedback as always.

ML Support.

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