Saturday 26 January 2013

v20 Release announcement

My Learning are pleased to announce that v20 of our flagship platform (entitled "Emesis") will be appearing later today. No action is required, and customers will find full release notes and details appearing on their bulletin boards this evening from our team.

What's in store for our v20 edition?

v20.0: (Jan 26th 2013)

  • Course scheduling - Determine when courses are available.
  • File 'visibility' options for files and folders.
  • Direct integration with Google Drive and Dropbox!
  • Even more support for new file types (a further 32 file types).
  • A new software library with hundreds of apps.
  • Early grading centre (Markbook) support.
  • Homework v3 - adds even more features for our users.
  • Streamlined themes and cosmetic updates.
  • Export and share tests between schools.
  • More new panels for our dashboard users.
  • APP level reporting (setting goals/targets for students).
  • Create file links directly to courses/topics.
  • Admins can customise the login page colour and message.
  • Integrated Youtube search/browse.
  • Integrated safe-Flickr galleries.
  • Additional support for profanity filters.
  • Chatrooms now have video and real-time file delivery.
  • New 'permissions' icon shows you what you can and cannot do.
  • New set of extended emoticons for social profiles.
  • Even more 3rd party content providers now work with My Learning.
  • Simplified home-page footer tools with popup windows.
  • Built in support for Sibelius player.
  • Support for 'virtual files' - which live in another location.

v20.1: (Feb 16th 2013)

  • Create file links to individual parts of your course/topic.
  • Administrator-editable marking templates.
  • *User can also select the marking template to use when grading.
  • Fully established video-conferencing suite and shared whiteboards.
  • Beta release of our new Plagiarism tool.
  • Beta release of access to "Commune" - our community sharing platform.
  • Direct integration of Office 365 (Skydrive) documents.
  • Support for directly embedded Google Calendars.

v20.2: (Mar 9th 2013)

  • Resource and asset tracking tools (allows users to schedule school equipment)
  • Behaviour reporting tool.
  • Beta "Android app" release for tablets and mobiles.
  • Musical notation/scoring editor (supports over 5 common notation formats).

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