Friday 31 May 2013

My Learning provides "Universal Device Login"

For some time now, our development team have been researching improved methods of logging in to the system with a range of devices. During the last 9 months, we've noticed a 30% increase in tablet and mobile devices using our services ranging from Blackberry mobiles through to weird and wonderful tablet manufacturers.

It's important that our system continues to adapt the the ongoing myriad of hardware which attempts to use our services via the internet. In response to this growing demand, we're pleased to announce that as part of our next major release (entitled "Forbestra") we are installing the first phase of our "Universal Device Login" (UDL).

Initially, this will appear as a direct replacement of the traditional login page. Existing users of My Learning have been used to a more traditional and slightly too informative landing page:

With the impending minor-release of Version 21 (Forbestra) this coming weekend, your login page will be changed to look like the one below (and will include your establishment logo too). This new login page will attempt to detect what type of device you're using, and can automatically format it's size and orientation to best-fit your equipment - providing a much more seamless login experience. Phase one is part of a larger migration towards single-sign-on for our upcoming "Commune" platform for the Autumn release (v22 Godyris). UDL will be expanded in future releases to accommodate SSO, OAuth2, OpenID and Shibboleth together with social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Microsoft authenticators.

Users who have customised the colour and slogan of their product will be pleased to know that this will still be apparent in the colour-way you see above, as will any custom text and establishment logo's. As always, we're here to listen, so keep your suggestions and comments coming in!

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