Tuesday 23 August 2016

My Learning Launches New Release v33: Peria Lamis

Our team has been working behind the scenes to come up with the best version of My Learning yet! 
Here is a taster of some of our new and improved features. (For the full release notes click here).

Homework Manager and Marking Tool

One of our most exciting updates is to the Homework Manager and the brand new Marking Tool.

In response to requests from schools, My Learning has incorporated some suggested features from the community with regard to the latest update of our popular homework manager.

Many of the changes have been made to save teachers time and effort when reviewing and marking batches of work.

When viewing homework, teachers can now view, mark and grade all students’ work from a single page. Files submitted by students appear in a list next to the student’s name and can be clicked, marked and graded from there. Any comments from students will also be flagged on this page and accessed with one click. Teachers will still be able to click on a student folder to view all of a student’s work and comments together.

Student List

Our new marking tool allows teachers to mark any student homework submitted on a docx file.

Marking Key

Teacher comments and configurable marks that reflect your marking policy can be dropped anywhere into a student file. It is also possible to use the editor to mark files which you can edit wherever they are stored.

Marking Tool Example

When a teacher edits a document that a student has submitted as homework it is returned to the student as a new ‘Teacher feedback’ file rather than the student’s original submission being overwritten.

Attendance Module

We are also pleased to release an entirely new “Attendance Module” within My Learning for any schools who use our “Standard”, “Pro” and “Enterprise” products. If you own these editions, you will now benefit from the ability to record AM and PM attendance for any user. This new feature also operates on tablet devices too. Teachers can record attendance and this data can be stored and viewed within My Learning.

Attendance Screenshot

Year Group Editor

My Learning have now created a Year Group Editor which allows the administrator to quickly create and populate year groups from existing classes.

The advantages of creating year groups include quickly sharing content, blogs, forums or even establishing a year group website for particular needs. It is also possible to communicate to year groups and create events for them.

Year Group Editor

Year Group Manager

Administrators can assign managers and members to year groups to delegate ownership. Students can only be part of ONE year-group, and the platform will automatically remove a student from a previous year group if you add them to a new one.

Another simple method of populating year groups is to edit the properties of a class, and then link it to an existing year group.

Year Group Options

Year groups can also be used in the module manager to switch modules on by year group.

The My Learning ‘People chooser’, used throughout the platform, now also includes the ability to automatically select all the members of a year group.

There is an added facility to send a message to an entire year group.

Important: Only schools who are NOT linked to an MIS will see this new feature. If your school is linked to an MIS, My Learning will be releasing a subsequent update v33.1 to provide management of year groups automatically based upon data from your MIS.

For the full version 33 release notes click here.

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