Thursday 1 November 2012

My Learning to revolutionise content provision

The team at My Learning are proud to announce the early release of middle-ware technology that will provide unrivaled access to 3rd party content unlike any other provider in the marketplace. Our development team have recently completed the final stage of testing for this new feature and will be releasing it three weeks ahead of schedule, on Friday 2nd November from 15:00 GMT.

Technical Director for My Learning, Alan Sawyers advised:

"A VLE/Learning Platform by it's very nature should act as a central framework in order to aggregate and disseminate content from a range of sources. Our team have developed a technology which allows integration with a wide range of content providers on the Internet.
We have achieved this by listening to our users, and by making subtle observations in how this content is used. Finally, there is a learning solution that can take the pain away from accessing 3rd party material. My Learning prides itself in not just reacting to change, but in leading it."

This new feature will be described in full, with accompanying videos and release notes as part of our final update to v19.6 of My Learning which will be automatically released on 2nd November from 15:00 GMT.

This will be the last major release of the My Learning Suite until v20.0 (codenamed "Emesis") which is due in late January 2013.

In the meantime, we thank our community for their amazing support, suggestions and timely feedback; and we look forward to the next wave of user-led features in future editions.

     The M-Team

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