Tuesday 11 December 2012

Early feature release

The next generation of the My Learning Suite (v20), entitled "Emesis" is currently set to be released towards the end of January 2013. Visitors to the BETT 2013 show will be amongst the first to see this new edition which will be formally released to clients soon after.

Today, the team have pre-released a new feature entitled "VFS" - Virtual File System. With immediate effect, your VLE is now able to create virtual files which occupy the learning platform - whilst their content resides in another location!

This new feature will appear when you "Create a new file" on your platform.

Example use of this technology:

1) You may wish to utilise a YouTube video within My Learning. Instead of having to copy and paste embed code, or download the video and upload it manually - you can now 'reference' the file in My Learning and it will be treated as if it belonged to the system.
This means that your virtual file will have it's own QR code, tags, comments and properties. It can be shared, marked, graded and assessed. It can also be included inside messages and published websites.

2) You may have created a presentation at www.showme.com using your tablet. Now, you can re-purpose your creation directly inside My Learning instantly as a virtual file. We provide the same functionality with BBC iPlayer and ClickView.

We currently support 4 virtual files, and are currently investigating a further 15 types that will be included for the official release in January.

Existing users may wish to contact our support team and suggest formats that they would like to see on the platform during January.

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