Wednesday 26 June 2013

Research into automated image censoring

During the last two months, My Learning have been researching the ability for the VLE to classify uploaded images as potentially unwanted pornographic material. The results of the research will be offered to key beta-pilot schools during the summer break in order to further evaluate the developed technology.

This work represents a useful aspect of enforcing e-safety across our entire product range using a very flexible and powerful module which is nearing pre-release. As we all know, whilst most users adhere to the policies laid down by their school, censoring images manually (and ultimately limiting all uploads) can be a very time consuming and labour intensive task.

Our latest work is producing very accurate results, and will ensure that future versions of our product are stronger than all current competitors by using our own technologies (at no additional cost) to further protect and prevent unwanted images from being uploaded.

We'll keep you updated with the progress of this exciting feature as we head towards beta-release during the summer holiday in the UK.

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