Thursday 15 August 2013

New server launched in Greece

My Learning are pleased to announce the release of a new server instance which will serve schools in Greece and Cyprus. This new server has been provisioned for our schools in Thessaloniki and the surrounding areas and has been geotargeted to run with Greek first language support, with English as a second language.

With dedicated servers in Vietnam, The Netherlands, Germany, UK and India - the network of established server points continues to grow.

Next week, a further dedicated server in Oman will be released; followed by an Autumn release for schools in Moldova. The States of Jersey now also benefit from their own dedicated server, hosted within their secure data-centres.

Towards the end of September, My Learning will be test driving their multi-point Cloud based VLE service which will be provisioned on a real-time adaptive Amazon Web Services framework, allowing clients from around the globe to communicate with their closest point of presence server. The service will be available for end-users in Q1 of 2014.

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