Monday 11 January 2016

Learning Platforms. Evolved.

Welcome to the My Learning UK Ltd blog of news!

We’re going through some incredibly exciting changes both as a company and as a Virtual Learning 
Platform provider.

We’re really excited to showcase our brand new logo, designs and innovations at Bett 2016Please join us at stand F410 for a conversation or just a quick look at all the wonderful things we have to offer your learning environment. 

An Evolving Learning Space

I’ll be logging on each week to blog about the most exciting and relevant issues regarding education and technology. I’m hoping that as this blog evolves, readers will find it a great place to share their views and discuss the issue of the week! Whether that be a technology development in education or a new approach to teaching IT in schools.

Virtual learning is a huge commodity in the education industry, however how many schools truly take advantage of it? As technology advances and the expectation of future employers’ increases, how can schools better prepare their students for their future careers using IT skills and training?

VLE’s provide a fantastic solution for introducing students to new integrated technologies. Concepts such as the Cloud, Apps, information sharing and staying safe when browsing the web become a simple business of everyday practice with a VLE in the classroom.

Students can learn about uploading files, the visibility of shared information and data, profile creation and personalisation, as well as more complex concepts such as coding and the risks of information hacking.

For teachers, the VLE lessens the workload. It’s a prevalent news story that teachers can’t find the time to do and be everything that is expected of them.

That’s what makes the VLE such an essential commodity.

Tests can be marked, lesson plans shared, files imported and integrated directly into your lessons. 

Quizzes can be uploaded and set, as well as reports created and managed, progress tracked, and homework set and monitored.

That’s what this news blog will be here to discuss. The importance of technology and digital education in today’s climate and, most importantly, how that’s affecting you.

Let’s share a thought or two and discover together how learning platforms have evolved!