Wednesday 27 April 2016

My Learning and GEMS Education: Rapid Growth in the UAE

GEMS Education is an international network of award winning K-12 schools; with 85 schools worldwide it is the largest operator of K-12 schools in the world. Founded in Dubai, its first school opened there in 1968. GEMS now has 46 of its schools in the UAE and is the largest education provider there. In keeping up with technological advances, GEMS in the UAE has implemented a customised virtual learning environment (VLE), provided by My Learning UK, across its schools.

“As the core component of the GEMS personalised learning ecosystem, My Learning is the vehicle through which we are transforming teaching and learning at scale, across our global network of high performing schools."

Phil Redhead
Senior Manager, Digital Strategy

According to data published in the new Market Intelligence Report for International Schools in the United Arab Emirates by ISC Research, the UAE continues to be the leading country in the world for English-medium K-12 (kindergarten to grade 12) international schools. English-medium schools use the English language as the medium of instruction, although it is not necessarily the first language of the students who attend. According to the report there are 548 English-medium international schools in the UAE with more schools due to open in 2016 including GEMS International School in Mudon. The total number of students aged between 3 and 18 attending these schools is 545,074, the highest enrolment of any country in the world by a substantial margin. 36% of all international schools in the UAE have over 1000 students.

Chart depicting the enrolment growth from 2011-2016. According to ISC Research there has been a further 5% growth in the four-month period between January and April 2016.

The use of Ed-Tech (educational technology) within the English-medium UAE schools is also gathering momentum and growing at a fast pace. “Most of the international schools are very keen on good, quality ed-tech to support student learning and many have good resource budgets for this,” says Diane Glass, Head of Business Development at The International School Consultancy.

My Learning are proud to be working with such a prestigious organisation and to see our product being used extensively in the UAE and across the globe. We look forward to continuing our partnership with GEMS Education and seeing what the future holds!

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