Friday 22 April 2016

My Learning Launches New Release: v32 "Ocaria Thales"

The latest release of the My Learning platform focuses on streamlining the interface and creating a more responsive, fluid and enjoyable experience.

For our full release notes click here: Release Notes V32 Ocaria Thales

Major New Additions

New Responsive Design: 
The My Learning team have now merged the traditional desktop and tablet editions into one user interface meaning you can now use My Learning in exactly the same way on a desktop or a tablet device in any orientation or screen size.

Improved Page Speed:
We have introduced a 2nd level caching engine to the platform which has further increased the responsiveness of the application in both desktop and mobile editions. 

Audio Memos:
My Learning now has the ability to allow instant, on-demand sound recording. This can be used to create recordings directly within My Learning, and can also be used to store voice annotations and comments directly within files. Please see the release notes for information regarding compatibility with Apple devices.

This is a really exciting feature as not only can audio recordings be created and saved into the My Files area but audio memos can also be pinned to any file type within the VLE. Great for Teachers creating a commentary or students presenting their thoughts and opinions. Check out the Skills Blog for more information!

PDF Embedding:
You can now embed PDF files from the system into webpages and documents, a brilliant method of sharing school resources and documents.

Additional Metrics:
If your school is linked to an M.I.S (Management Information System), My Learning will now allow students to add a new dashboard panel which will display attendance, behaviour and reports. Timetables will now also show the name of the lesson.

Profile Editor:
Our team has entirely re-written the profile editor for My Learning. The layout and arrangement of buttons and functionality has been adjusted to reflect the manner in which Social Networking websites also operate. We have also added four additional moods.

Notification Manager:
My Learning has now introduced the first phase of it’s “Notification Manager”. This feature is an administrative module which enables the Administrator of each school to decide who can receive different types of notifications and how often they receive them. End-users (if allowed by the Notification Policy) are also allowed to further customise what type of notifications they receive.

Phase two of this feature will add support for Push Notifications to personal mobile devices.

For more details on other exciting features and updates in this release see the full release notes.

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