Tuesday 7 March 2017

Fusion v1.1

Welcome to Fusion!
Not only do we have a new name but we also have a whole host of fantastic new features and updates to make the user experience even better! Below are just a few of these features.

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 General Information

Office 365 Integration
Fusion has four new dashboard panels that integrate with your Office 365 account, showing unread emails, calendar events and quick links to Office 365 tools such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.The OneDrive panel will show all files in your 365 OneDrive, recent files and shared files, directly shared to you by other people.

Homework Editor
When creating homework, the description box now uses a rich text editor, so you can style it up however you want. This allows you to format text and insert links/images. Other resources can still be added as previously, using the drag and drop uploader, the clipboard or the new file option.

There have been several updates to our popular Form builder tool making it even more useful and easy to use! Free text answers can now be marked, forms can be graded, timers can be added to quizzes and more question options have been added.

Metrics and Reports
Fusion has a range of reports, graphs and metrics, which historically have remained scattered throughout the system. We have now created a single place where all reports will reside. Teachers, staff and administrators will now find a new link at the top of the screen entitled “Reports” which will provide a single page, detailing all the reports and metrics available from the platform. Many of our reports have been updated to take advantage of our new Fusion Graphing engine which will now also operate on Tablets and Smartphones.

You also have access to the new “Metrics” button for more detailed analysis of your school community.


We’re really pleased to announce that we’ve added 14 new language packs to the product. Notable entries include support for Kurdish, Pashto and Kyrgyz with new language splits for two types of Gaelic and support for Frisian (for our colleagues in The Northern Netherlands). We now cover 96% of the world’s language requirements, standing at 113 languages! These language packs have been updated for Teachers, Students and Parents on all devices.

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