Wednesday 12 April 2017

10 Things That Make a Great Online Homework Tool for Teachers

We all know that homework has become a staple part of our education system. Whether it be writing an essay, answering questions, keeping a diary or watching a video in preparation for class, teachers are continually finding creative and productive ways of getting students to complete homework assignments.

How many times has a student in your class forgotten their homework, not written it down correctly or lost the resources provided? With an online homework tool this can all be avoided. Here are the top 10 things that make our Fusion VLE online homework tool perfect for teachers.

1.       Set work for a group with one click
Setting work for your class is quick and easy, just one click will allow you to assign homework to a chosen group.

2.       Select individual students for differentiation
Want to set a differentiated task for a student or a select group? No problem! You can select any number of students to assign a different homework assignment/task to without singling them out in front of the rest of the group.

3.       Create multimedia rich descriptions of the task
You can include links, images and videos within your homework description to give students all the information they need in order to complete the assignment. You could even add a video of yourself modelling what you want them to do or giving them a mini-introduction to the task.

4.       Drag and drop upload of files and resources to support the task
You can easily provide files and resources for the homework assignment using the drag and drop uploader. Select the files you want to attach and drag them into the uploader for quick and easy attachment.

5.       Set start and deadline dates
You can choose the date the assignment will go live to students as well as the deadline date for hand in/completion. There is also the option for these dates to be added to the students’ calendars so that they have a visual reminder on their own dashboards.

6.       Automatic notifications to students and parents
Once you have set a homework task for a group both the students and their parents will receive a notification informing them that a new piece of homework has been set and providing a direct link to the assignment. You can even send an instant popup message to students to inform them of a new piece of homework.

7.       Parents can view via the Parent Portal to monitor and support the student with their homework
Using the Parent Portal, parents can log in and view the homework exactly as the student sees it (with the exception of being able to submit a file). They can also see the work their child has completed and submitted. This allows parents to support their child with their homework and monitor their progress.

8.       Clear indication when tasks have been completed
Once a student has completed/submitted their homework teachers will see this clearly highlighted within the Homework dashboard panel and within the homework task itself.

9.       All homework can be viewed, marked and feedback provided via a single screen
Teachers can view, mark and provide feedback on homework all from a single screen. Students homework submissions are all accessible from one screen for ease of use and efficiency.

10.   Online marking of students’ work
Students’ homework submissions can be marked and graded online with our marking tool. The school can set a bespoke marking scheme and teachers can also add custom comments to student work to provide them with feedback.

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